Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Twitter Addiction

What is Twitter? Well to find out I joined because I was super curious. I had noticed lots of other bloggers were on Twitter. On Twitter it seems you can network with others. You can also have your friends and family join as well. So instead of lengthy posts in an email or txt. You can just pop in every so often and announce what your up to. You can ask questions of others. You can follow your favorite people. Now mind you I have only joined yesterday and have not unlocked all of its mysteries yet. I do know that you can have twitter on your desktop and also on your phones. I have been told and have noticed that it can be a bit addicting. Just how addicting you ask? I have a video to show you of a Tweeter. Enjoy.


Cindy W said...

OMG... I will look into this. That video was awesome.

Diesel said...

Damnit, I wish i could get embedded video to play though Firefox 3 on my Linux laptop... must play a bit more to get the right download....
Anyway, you're right about Twitter being addictive.
However these days I tend to use it more for advertising my latest blog posts rather than the rather ramdon ramblings I used to put up.
Twitter is like a microblog, only I think it's more difficult to get people interested.

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