Friday, September 26, 2008

Review: Murder Melts in Your Mouth by Nancy Martin

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 288pp
Isbn:  045122311X
Challenge This one does not cover any  challenges at this same time.

First Sentence or two: While yakking into her cell phone with her massage therapist, my sister Libby walked out into traffic and got herself hit by a Rolls-Royce. Libby decided her recovery depended on her moving from the hospital into the peace and quiet of a luxury suite at the Ritz-Carlton.

The Blackbird sisters, Nora, Libby and Emma, find themselves in the middle of another Main Line society scandal in the breezy seventh entry in Martin's cozy series (after 2007's A Crazy Little Thing Called Death). As the annual Chocolate Festival begins in Philadelphia, noted philanthropist Hoyt Cavendish dies. But did he jump or was he pushed? Nora, society reporter for the Philadelphia Intelligencer, investigates after she discovers a mysterious man hiding near the scene and wonders if he could be her long-lost father. Adding to the mess, Libby falls head over heels for the driver of the car that hit her, and wild child Emma is pregnant. Nora uncovers Hoyt's many enemies, as the devilish do-gooder was "charitable" with funds that didn't belong to him. The connection to the unexpected homecoming of the Blackbird parents adds another surprising twist. Despite Martin's trademark wit, events fly past so quickly that readers may feel dizzy. But the long-awaited reunion between the sisters and their parents will satisfy longtime fans. (Mar.)
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Random Thoughts - This one did have my head spinning a little from all the activity in it. I started it at 2am because I was left hanging on the other book and needed desperately to know what was to happen to all my "Friends".  I stayed up all night and morning reading this book in one straight shot. I have come to know and LOVE these characters.  This book was unusual though with the addition of some people and the removal of some people that I never thought would be out of the picture.  It is so true to life though.  People often come and go in our daily lives. Again this author makes things so real and "unreal" that it makes these adventures so fun.  Well except for the unfortunate person who dies in every book. LOL

Favorite Scene - Two scenes stand out the most to me.  There is a scene where Nora walks into her home to find herself held at gunpoint.  Turns out the whole family and some guests have been held at gunpoint for many hours now waiting for Nora to arrive home.  The family has been of course themselves and end up having discussions and arguments while ignoring the gunman.  Typical "Blackbird Fashion" driving the gunman nuts.
  The second scene that I loved was the car ride with all the siblings in Libby's soccer mom van. Driving like a mad woman, Libby and her siblings try to reach a park to stop someone from making a proposal.  Then they all have to hop a fence with Emma having morning sickness the whole time.  Poor dear was upchucking in the bushes all the way. LOL

Rating - I give this book 4 solid stars.

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