Friday, September 26, 2008

Review: A Crazy Little Thing Called Death by Nancy Martin

Genre: Cozy Mystery
Pages: 368pp
Isbn: 045122082X
Challenge This one does not cover any challenges at this same time.

First Sentence or two: Everyone ought to be forgiven at least one mistake. I gave my nephews Harcourt and Hilton a sum of birthday money I figured couldn't possibly buy anything that might endanger a pair of fourteen-year-old mad scientists. Unfortunately, I hadn't counted on them squirreling away cash for months, because as soon as they ripped open their cards and found the modest gift, they jumped on the Internet and puchased a fetal pig.


The Blackbird sisters, Nora, Libby, and Emma, tackle their sixth arch mystery (after 2006's Have Your Cake and Kill Him Too) set among Philadelphia's contemporary blue-blooded (and red-handed) set. When former child star Sweet Penny Devine goes missing and is presumed dead, her brother, Porter "Potty" Devine, opts for a memorial party and polo match instead of a funeral, which Nora, a society reporter, covers for a Philadelphia paper. The festivities falter after Nora discovers a severed hand that could be Penny's. Nora, Libby and Emma aid detective Ben Bloom in an investigation whose suspects include Potty; Vivian, Penny's cat-crazy sister; the Devines' former housekeeper's daughter, Julie Huckabee; Julie's missing father, Kell Huckabee; and Crewe Dearborne, a food critic. Sleuthing provides a welcome distraction for Nora, still grieving over a miscarriage and a little nervous about her engagement to Michael Abruzzo, son of a notorious New Jersey mobster. Martin's wicked observations about the horsy set enhance another fine-feathered mystery. (Mar.)

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Random Thoughts - I don't know how this author comes up with some of the funniest and kookiest names for the characters in the story. Not only do they have odd names but also get odd nicknames they might not even know about. LOL These characters as extremely zany as they are just jump off the page. Mrs. Martin is very naughty though for toying with my emotions so much. In all actuallity though she is writing Nora as a real person. This scenario has probably happened like this before. There is a huge twist at the end. I am glad I had the fortitude to forgo my feelings of dread and continued to read to the very end. All I have to say is "Go Maximan". LOL

Favorite Quotes - There were some tremendous quotes in this book as in all the others. This time I am sharing a couple of them instead of a favorite scene.
Nora- "Once agian, being with my sisters felt like being strapped to a speeding train headed for an exploded trestle."
Libby-"A friend of mine invited me there for a chocolate body wrap last month. It was so sensuous! Except, I must have gotten some up my nose. I've been sneezing Hershey's Kisses ever since."

Rating - I give this book 5 stars.

*Note I have also reviewed the first 5 books. The first four are on my shelfari shelf before starting this blog. Feel free to look to the footer of the page to find my shelfari shelf.

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