Wednesday, September 3, 2008

I Have A Duty To Share This With My Fellow Americans.

I am not really into politics. To be really involved in the politics of today, you have to watch news and read the papers. Well to be candid with you...I do my HARDEST not to see any of that crap. Have you noticed, and you would have to blind not to, that there is NO GOOD NEWS. It thoroughly and completely depresses me on a regular basis. I don't think my happy pills will cover the sadness the news brings on. I have what you call, a "NEWS BUFFER". I just coined that term so back off people!! My mother who watches all the news and likes to follow all the politics, even and especially if it's the opposition to her favored side, is "Officially my News Buffer". She likes to tell me things that are going on, in moderation mind you, in the world and my general surroundings. I have been hearing about these party conventions and who has chose whom, and what not. So in honor of that, I will break my no news "policy" to show you this bit of wisdom about the up coming elections.

Again thank you for watching, please don't change that dial.


Dr. Jay SW said...

I'd read quotes from this but hadn't actually heard it--thanks!

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Your Welcome Dr. Jay. I found this comical. Anytime the newscasters are caught on mike when they think they are off is so cool in my opinion. That way you kinda get their real opinion on things. They just report but usually don't give their honest to the bone opinions, so I LOVED this myself. Thanks for stopping by my blog.

Beth ( CPQ) said...

OMG! I love when that happens!!
I won't comment on whether I agree or not...but I'm fascinated that when voting in the primaries here in TX. the line to vote Dem. was out the door and around the building and the entrance to vote rep. was no waiting required.

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