Monday, September 1, 2008

*Summer Reading Challenge Wrap Up*

As the sun begins to set on our "Summer Romance Reading Challenge", Cindy, our group leader for the challenge, has asked us to offer a little wrap up.

Here are the prompts Cindy has asked us:

"If you could recommend ONE book for others to read in the Fall Challenge, what would it be and why?" I would recommend "Halfway to the Grave" by Jeanine Frost. This was a brand new author and a new series. You don't expect them to be THAT awesome out of the gate. I was aggravated that I had to check it out from the library, when I new I wanted to own it with every fiber of my being! Plus, if you like your men with accents and with that cocky swagger in everything he does, "Bones" is your man. Tall, Dark, and Dead. Well in the first book he has striking blond hair. *sighs
"What was the worst book you read?" Hands down from my list it's "Bride for a Knight" by Sue-Ellen Welfonder. To put it nicely let's just say I think she forgot what she was doing while she was busy telling about every nook and cranny and crack of detail she could. In fact it was so informative I didn't need to use my imagination and I found that insulting!! Go read my review on my Shelfari shelf below. Bring a fire extinguisher when you do.
"Was there an author you found that you LOVED or HATED?" Yes and Yes. Obviously hated was just discussed in the last question. As far as Loved goes, Sandra Hill. I wasn't all that into Vikings. Once I read her "A Tale of Two Vikings", it was a slam dunk. I now am trying to read her Viking books as I come across them. This book is not recommended by me...It's "Insisted" by me.
"Did you review books that were reviewed by other readers? Well I'm sure other's have read the books I have. I am not aware of anyone else who participated in our challenge, from our Shelfari group, did or not.
If so, were the reviews alike or totally different?"
"Any other Comments or Suggestions?" Yes, a couple. "Witch Fire" by Anya Bast is HOT HOT HOT. I enjoyed "Hot Wheels & High Heels" by Jane Graves. This was a middle aged couple romance. Two adults in 40's who have a chance to change their luck and grow up. It was refreshing!

Well that concludes the ask/answer segment. I just want to thank Cindy for being so awesome and thinking up our challenge, making a group, and putting a blog together for all of us to participate in. Since it went so well I am excited to know we are going to be starting a "Fall Challenge" as of today. More in my next post. (Jen, is thinking that post felt like some talk show or something. )

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Beth ( CPQ) said...

Okaaaay! I just ordered "A Tale of Two Vikings" by Sandra Hill. I also have Viking Unchained on my wish list. I'll have you know, I'm reading these out of order. you insisted!! :}

this will be my viking book, and the unchained one will be my time travel! Woo Hoo!!

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