Sunday, September 14, 2008

Read Around the Genres Challenge

Here’s the Deal:

-Challenge will run from September 1 – December 15 (That means you started reading the book after 9/1)-Post reviews on your blog for all 10 books
-Leave a comment when you are done with your 10 and post a Challenge Wrap up of your list

Trophies up for grab: (trophy will be a cute little computerized trophy!)
-First Person Completed (leave me a post when you’re completely done)
-Most Pages Read (applies to these 10 books)
-Least amount of Authors read (JD Robb and Nora Roberts count as 2 authors)
-Challenge Winner (a random drawing will be held for all who complete the challenge)

Here’s the list
1. Pirate or Viking
2. Vampire
3. Contemporary
4. Chick Lit
5. Medieval
6. Time Travel
7. Romantic Suspense
8. Inspirational
9. Historical
10. Paranormal

You can always check out if you need some help. They have a powersearch tool that you can search genre only! Good luck and Have fun!
The Queen Plans to or already has read these books:
Red=Completed Green=Going to read
1.Pirate or Viking-
2.Vampire-I burn for You by Susan Sizemore
3.Contemporary-Heaven Texas by Susan Elizabeth Phillips
4.Chick Lit-
6.Time Travel-
7.Romantic Suspense-Prince Joe by Susan Brockman
9.Historical-Laird of the Mist by Paula Quinn
10.Paranormal- 50 Ways to Hex Your Lover by Linda Wisdom

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