Wednesday, September 16, 2009

Where Did That Come From? Sept. 16th 2009

Omar the Tent Maker

So today my mother, a.k.a. "The Newsbuffer", and I were discussing Big Brother the season finally. I have it taped and she didn't want to give anything away but she hinted that Julie Chen the host, who is VERY pregnant and about to POP, kinda shocked her. Julie is usually so impeccably dressed and always so Cute, even pregnant. She always makes things look easy and neat. The Newsbuffer tells me that her outfit for the first time ever during her whole pregnancy finally looked like one made by "Omar the Tent Maker." Well I feel for ya Mrs. Chen. We all know what its like to get to the last stages of pregnancy and not give a "HOOT" what we look like at that point in time. For all we know she was in early stages of labor. *shrugs
While my Mom is telling me this, my brain stops on "Omar the Tent Maker." I begin to wonder if there really was an Omar? Was he a famous tent maker? Was this fictitious Omar famously known for his tent designs? I got myself to googling.

There was in fact an "Omar the Tent Maker". Although he was a fictitious character in a Movie of the same title. The movie was put December 1922 and was a "Silent" Picture. A little side note, according to Imbd, Boris Karloff played Imam Mowaffak. Say that 3x's fast.
Movie Details
his film about Omar Khayyam, author of The Rubaiyat, was adapted from the stage play by Richard Walton Tully with mixed results. It shows Omar (Guy Bates Post, who also played the role on stage) as a student in love with Shireen (Virginia Brown Faire), the daughter of his teacher. The couple marry in secret, but the Shah (Noah Beery) has heard of Shireen's beauty and carries her off to his native land. When she turns down his advances, she is imprisoned. Shireen gives birth while she is locked up and the Shah orders that both she and the baby girl be thrown off a cliff. They are saved, and the child is handed over to Omar, but Shireen is sold into slavery. It takes seventeen years for Omar and Shireen to be reunited. During that time, their daughter grows up (to be played by Patsy Ruth Miller), and falls in love with a Christian slave. Those who bought tickets to this picture hoping for The Rubaiyat were disappointed, as only a few snatches of poetry appeared in the title cards. ~ Janiss Garza, All Movie Guide

This has been another edition of Where Did That Come From? Hope you enjoyed it. Any and all comments are welcome.

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