Sunday, September 6, 2009

Booking Through Thursday-Sept. 3rd 2009

What’s the biggest book you’ve read recently?

(Feel free to think “big” as size, or as popularity, or in any other way you care to interpret.)


The only book that comes to mind for me is "Outlander" by Diana Gabaldon. That book is kinda hefty. I loved the book and the story OMG!! I really want to read the next one but it's as big if not bigger then the first one in the series. Yes I am totally intimidated! LOL Outlander is 850 pages. Wow!

As far as Popularity Big, I would have to say "Breaking Dawn" book in the Twilight Series. I went to the big Midnight Sales Release Party that Borders Books had in our town. The local library hosted it and they had several corners all over the store with different games or trivia to play. It was of course Teenagerville. I had fun non the less though. The kids had all made t-shirts for the best t-shirt contest. They had a preview of the "Twilight" movie trailor running in one area. In another area they had a bucket of apples and were measuring who had the biggest bite. I enjoyed that immensely because while I was there a few "tough" looking young men were there and trying to show off for the girls. One of them got his jaw locked. It was very humorous. They had a great many giveaways as well as Bingo in the Coffee lounge in the store. I have to say it was GREAT fun. I however was not as impressed with the book.


So how bout you? If you don't participate in the Booking Thru Thursday Meme, what is your Biggest or most Popular book you have read lately? Feel free to tell me in the comments section.

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