Tuesday, September 1, 2009

2009 Fall Reading Challenge

YAY I have been waiting a couple weeks to start this challenge. It officially starts today and I am so excited! If you want to participate in this challenge feel free to join us on our Shelfari group, Readers of Romance Book Challenge. If you don't want to join another site then feel free to join us and Blog about it yourself, but please link back to our original site that is hosting it. The challenge is being hosted by "Us" at Readers of Romance Book Challenges.

Fall '09 Challenge!!!

Fall 09 Challenge FAQ’s September 1 – November 30

A big Thanks to everyone for help in making this list!!!

1. Select ANY number of books to read that fit the category.
2. Post your list on the discussion board and blog (Name’s Summer Challenge List)
3. If you need title suggestions please use the Discussion titled SUMMER TITLE SUGGESTIONS if you don't see it please search (to try and minimize number of discussions)
4. Once you have read a book please find the corresponding discussion by searching you can search by 09 Summer # and use the number that corresponds with the list. (one will be created for each number on June 1, again, to try and minimize number of discussions) and post the book and title you read and rating, and review.
5. It is not required, but if you could post your review on the blog that would be great.
6. Reviews on the blog please include labels list the rating, author, and # of challenge only.
7. Audio books are okay
8. Rereads are okay
9. You can change your list at anytime

1. Read a Beta Hero http://www.likesbooks.com/spechero.html
2. Read a debut author OR an author that has LESS than 4 books published
3. Read a book that was read in the Summer Challenge
4. Read a book with an “F” word for Fall
5. Read a book you’ve borrowed from a friend or the library
6. Read a book by Lori Foster
7. Read a book that less than 300 pages
8. Read an author that has a pseudonym (Sherrilyn Kenyon/Kinley MacGregor)
9. Read a book to catch up on a series you are reading
10. Reader’s Choice
11. Read a book set in Ireland
12. Read a Romantic Suspense
13. read a book by an author you've "given up" on (call it one more try)
14. Read a book with "Dream" in the title
15. Read a book from the backlist of an author you enjoy!

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