Tuesday, August 26, 2008

Summer Romance Reading Challenge

As an active member on Shelfari, this summer I participated in a Summer Romance Reading Challenge. I had the best time with this challenge and all it's members. We were taking up so much thread space on the Readers of Romance group that we made up another group just for the challenges. Some people are up for challenges and others find them restricting. I have all the time in world on my hands, so I LOVED it. I am about to do a wrap up on the books I read for the challenge. I thought it might be helpful if I posted the challenge and the books I chose to read. Should you want to read any of my reviews and see what rating I gave them. Just mouse over my shelf at the bottom of my Blog. Please note, I don't think I am some major writing expert and I tend to rate very easy. I use my emotions to make my decision some days.

1. Title includes name of flower Ex. Rose__"Blue Dahlia" by Nora Roberts
2. Title includes the word “LOVE”____"Fantasy Lover" by Sherrilyn Kenyon
3. Title that has a wedding word Ex. Bride, Ring_"Bride for a knight" by Sue-Ellen Wolfender
4. Title with a Color word__"Red Hawk's Woman" by Karen Kay
5. Book with a ONE word title___"Smitten" by Janet Evanovich
6. Read one new author___"Hot Wheels and High Heels" by Jane Graves
7. Title that includes Prince or Princess_"The Sheik and The Runaway Princess" by Susan Mallory
8. Title with a jewel Ex. Ruby__"The Diamond Slipper" by Jane Feather
9. Title with a word that makes you think of summer
10. Title includes a “W” word (any word)__"Witch Fire" by Anya Bast
11. Title that includes a number Ex: 3, Three, Third_"A Tale of Two Vikings" by Sandra Hill
12. Title with a Time Ex: Midnight, Today, Tomorrow__"Twilight before Christmas" by Christine
13. Title with Lord or Lady__"How to Treat a Lady" by Karen Hawkins
14. Author first or last name begins with “J” for June/July__"Halfway to the Grave" by Jeanine Frost
15. Author first or last name begins with “A” for August_"Atlantis Rising" by Alyssa Day


Ma said...

I didn't know there was a romance challenge reading group at Shelfari. Cool!

*Ma makes a mental note... no, better make that a pencil and paper note because Ma's memory has been known to be a bit dodgy on occasion... to pimp the Romance reading challenge soon.*

Jennifer The Forgetful Faerie Queen said...

Yes Yes we loved to be Pimped!! lol

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