Wednesday, August 27, 2008

Still Doll

I was friggin obscessed with this song. I found it like a week ago. It was through a random thing of a thing and you know you just end up on some site of someone elses you don't even know, and they have the coolest damn song!!
I was going there EVERY day to listen to this song a few times each day. I had in the mean time, sent an email to the admit on the site and begged for the artists name and the name of the song. I had also whined to my buddy Evie, from Shelfari to please HELP me discover who sang this song. It was so lovingly haunting and different.
Well thankfully, tonight that admit responded to my email and gave me the info I needed. God Bless her pea pickin heart for taking pity on me and giving it up. Has that ever happened to you? Have you found something so different you have to KNOW or have that song? Did you discover it? What crazy things did you do to find out? Lemme know? Also, I have noticed that even though I don't speak any other language really than English, I have found that I love some of the songs I find in other languages. I could totally care less what they are saying. LOL Am I the only one? Again spill it....tell me all the details. Let's dish!

Still Doll.mp3 - Kanon Wakeshima

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Vivi said...

I have a lot of Spanish and Italian songs that I love. Can't understand a word but music is the universal language!

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