Wednesday, August 26, 2009

Review: Overnight Male by Elizabeth Bevarly

Contemporary Romance
Pages: 328 pp
Isbn: 9780373772148
Challenge This one covers no challenge, at this time.

First Sentence or two: Darkness had always been Lila Moreau's best friend. Throughout her life she had used different kinds of darkness to aid her in different kinds of ways. As a child, she knew the darkness under a bed or in a closet could protect her from her mother's hurtful words.


Is there any mission more dangerous than a hot one-night stand?

In the world of international espionage, Lila Moreau is as tough as they come. But she's finally ready to trade in her secret double life for domestic bliss. That is, after she takes care of one last vendetta: to bring in rogue agent Adrian Padgett before he unleashes disaster.

But to find him and his band of merry hackers, Lila must infiltrate small, snooty Waverly College. All while breaking in her sexy new partner, Joel Faraday. Sounds like a challenge--even for a superspy.

Soon Joel starts to distract her in more ways than just the professional. And he's determined to lure Lila into the most impossible mission of

Random Thoughts - This was a great
book to read. Take a look at the back cover. (-->)
I found it kind of distracting in a good way. It
was just perfect for where you hold the book. Every
once and a while I would catch a glimpse of him looking at me all "Steamy eyed".
I really enjoyed being in on the characters thought processes in this book. The Storyline was great and believable. I think this is the 3rd book in a trilogy. I have not read the others but this was able to stand alone. There were some scenes that had my heart just a pitter patting. *sighs loudly

Favorite Scene - One of my most favorite scenes was one where they went to a frat party to scope out some suspects. Lila and Joel were flirting "in character". (so they told themselves)
..but Joel prevented her from saying a word. Because in one swift fluid gesture, he moved to stand in front of her, arced an arm over her head and braced it against the wall behind her and leaned in very close.
Then he murmured in her ear. "Like I said, don't knock it till you've tried it. You might be surprised how much a guy like me could have taught a girl like you in college. You might be surprised how much I could teach you now.".........

They have another exchange of words but I will not spoil it for you. The next exchange though made my toes curl. If your curious this all happens of pages 142 & 143.
Rating - I gave this book a 4 stars.

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